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When looking for a coach or mentor, watch out for these red flags!

There are lots of online coaches out there and some are amazing but some not so much!

Here is my guide to the red flags to watch out for when looking for a coach and/or mentor!


1️⃣ Promising results - coaches can guide you, share their expertise and support you, however they can not do the work for you! Results are dependent on you and the effort you put in! 


2️⃣ Coaching through a blue print - coaches need to be flexible to meet the needs of the business they are working with. Sticking to a set structure does not work for all business owners as everyone has a different learning style, different time commitments and different experiences, a coach should reflect this! 


3️⃣ High ticket coaching offers with minimal to no contact time! Coaching is the art of asking the right questions to guide the person to make the right decisions and take the right actions for them. Coaching = discussion & interaction! Without this is not going to get you the growth you are seeking


4️⃣ Focusing on high figure income as a marketing strategy - yes we all want to earn money however many coaches use income figures to sell programmes, however this is not transparent, income doesn't equal profit and often coaches with larger teams have capacity to earn higher incomes however their monthly costs rise as the income does so the money they have in their pocket isn't much more than you would earn as a solopreneur


And remember….

A coach has developed skills and experience in questioning and managing conversations to help you explore what you want, what you want achieve and how, they are also there to motivate and inspire you!

A mentor uses their knowledge and experience to guide and teach you how to do things!


Don’t get caught out! Do you research and find the right person for you!



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