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Overwhelmed with creative ideas for your business?! How to turn them into action!

As creative business founders we have so many ideas that we want to implement into our business! 

New products, launches, ways to help our clients, creative ideas and so much more! 

So how do we choose which idea to run with and then how do we even get started?! 

I see many business owners start to run with new ideas to then stop and start something else, this is because there is no strategy, no plan as to what, why and how! 

There is then a chance that you, as a business owner, start to feel disheartened, start doubting yourself and then fall down that comparison hole!! 

But the good news is there are some easy ways to run with your ideas and do it with clarity and purpose!!

Here are my 5 initial steps to take to turn your ideas into action! 

Step 1️⃣

Brainstorm all your ideas on one page 

One of the biggest causes of overwhelm is keeping all your ideas in your head! By putting pen to paper, it allows us to clear out all the noise and look at things much more clearly! So get out a piece of paper and a pen and just start brain dumping!! 


Step 2️⃣

Categorise which ideas are income generating, creative projects or impact activities (these are really great purposes to align your ideas to!)

It is important to work out the purpose of your business activities, this is why you want to achieve something! It might be financially driven, which we need otherwise we don’t have a business, but it is also important we give space to more creative elements, more passion projects to balance out the pressure of running a business! It is also beneficial to look at more impact driven ideas, the bigger the positive impact you have in your audience the more you build trust and credibility which leads to more clients and sales. 


Step 3️⃣

Revisit your end of year goals and work out which ideas help you achieve it

This is super important! The reason we set goals is to drive our decision making, make sure we use our time wisely and not get distracted with things that don’t get us to where we want to be! 


Step 4️⃣

Choose one idea to focus on initially that contributes the most to your end of year goals

Once you have brain dumped your ideas and categorised them you can then align them to your goals. Which idea helps you get close to being where you want to be?  This is the idea to move forward with. Park the rest of the ideas somewhere so you don’t forget them. I provide my coaching programme clients with an ideas notebook perfect for these occasions!


Step 5️⃣

Break this one idea down into small activities that will allow you to take action to turn this idea into reality.

Now you have narrowed down your ideas to one focus, it is time to look at turning this idea into action! This is the tough part! Take time to brain dump activities that help this idea become a reality, ask yourself….what do I need to do to make this happen? Once you have brain dumped all the actions you can think of, put them in an order that makes sense to you. Then look at your schedule and plot these activities into datws and times where you have capacity to achieve them.

And remember……

If something doesn’t work out or you decide an idea no longer serves your business it is ok to pivot and change direction! Change is not failure! 

Top tip.......

Often we are frozen by the need for perfect or instant clarity, to overcome this, always start by brain dumping ideas to then organise later, if you wait until they are organised in your head you will never get started!!

If you want support in turning your ideas into action book a 121 Strategy workshop with me! perfect for taking an idea and turning it into action or getting clear on your goals and objectives! Find out more here


About the Author

Hannah Roper, a dynamic entrepreneur, Express FM Radio Host and Country Music Singer, is the driving force behind The Female Creative - an empowering community for small business owners and creatives. With 9+ years of business success and 20 years in learning and development, Hannah offers valuable guidance to women navigating entrepreneurship. Surviving domestic abuse, she embarked on a transformative journey, fostering a deep passion for entrepreneurship. Balancing The Female Creative, Country on The Coast Festival, and a corporate career, Hannah embodies strategic thinking and work-life balance. Honoured with awards such as Inspirational Woman of the Year, she empowers women, offering clarity and support on their business journeys.

To find out more please visit

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