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Who Is The Female Creative?

In 2020, I launched The Female Creative with a mission to empower and guide busy women in turning their ideas into action, starting businesses doing what they love. Over the past three years, The Female Creative has flourished, expanding to offer 121 coaching services, a monthly group membership, a podcast called "The Female Creative Talks," and engaging networking events. Drawing from my experience, I've honed four essential business foundations: Messaging, Strategy, Systems, and Mindset. By nurturing these pillars, I support female-owned businesses in unleashing their creativity, growing their audience, and increasing their income, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business, Photo

Where I Started....

With over 20 years of experience as a teacher and learning expert, I've worked with individuals of all ages, from primary school students to corporate adults. My transformative experience in developing teenagers from inner city New York, left a profound impact on my journey.


Beyond my passion for business coaching, I've made significant strides as the country music alter ego, Lily Garland, and as the Founder and Creative Director of country music festival, Country on The Coast.


Additionally, I've delved into the world of Health and Wellness Network Marketing and excelled in various corporate roles that involve leadership, development, and coaching.

My path has had its challenges. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I've grappled with issues of confidence and self-esteem. However, I've dedicated myself to rediscovering and rebuilding my self-belief, ultimately discovering a deep love for entrepreneurship.


Through my journey, I've cultivated skills in business, branding, marketing, and web design, paving the way for The Female Creative's success.

Where I Am Now....

Beyond business accolades, my life is a tapestry of colour and passion. I have a penchant for orange and pink, adore penguins, and embrace my roles as a mother to a teenage son, pre - teen stepdaughter, and bearded dragon owner. I'm also unapologetically enthusiastic about gluten-free pizza and harbour a desire for life to be more like a musical, where spontaneous song bursts are welcomed!

My contributions to various endeavours extend beyond The Female Creative. I won the 2020 Portsmouth Guide Awards for Country on the Coast and saw my podcast, "The Female Creative Talks," shortlisted in the Skylark International Women's Podcast Awards for Entrepreneurial Inspiration in 2021.


In 2022, I was honoured with the prestigious title of Top Female Business Coach Worldwide by the Coach Foundation, and I received the Pamodzi Inspirational Women Award 2022 in the Established Business Category.


Furthermore, I was the runner-up for Businesswomen of the Year in the Women’s Business Awards UK/US/Canada. As an expert pod host, I am thrilled to participate in the Women's Business Conference, sharing insights on strategy and action for the second consecutive year.

Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business, Photo
Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business, Photo

What Else...

My impact extends to written contributions, as I've contributed to books like "Shine on You Crazy Daisy Vol 5," where I share my story, and "She is the Business," where I offer advice on communicating with small business audiences. I've also contributed to Snazz Magazine and various guest blogs, sharing my expertise and knowledge.

Additionally, I've been selected as a speaker for the Women Thrive International Summit in March 2023, where I will share my story and inspire women in business worldwide. Although stepping out of my comfort zone, I believe growth is integral to life's journey.

In addition to my work with The Female Creative, I regularly speak at colleges and other institutions, sharing my story and insights with young people enrolled in business and marketing courses and participating in girls in STEM and Girls in Business programs. I find great joy in enlightening them about non-linear career paths and showcasing how their existing skills can be transferred to the world of work and business.

Beyond my ventures with The Female Creative, I'm also a radio show presenter for Express FM, where I host "Express Country," a captivating 2-hour weekly show. On this program, I curate and share the finest Country Music from across the globe, bringing the genre's best to our listeners' ears. But Express Country is more than just a music show; it's a platform for engaging conversations with Country artists. Through insightful interviews, we delve into their musical journeys and careers, giving listeners an inside look into the lives of these talented musicians. As a radio host, I'm thrilled to be able to connect with and celebrate the world of Country Music, sharing its beauty and inspiration with a wide audience.

I am committed to empowering women in their entrepreneurial journeys, and I'm excited to continue making a positive impact, both locally and globally. Let's embark on this journey together!


Now that's enough about me! Book a discovery call and tell me more about you!

What Do My Clients Say?


HANNAH / Local Luxury Ltd / Gift Boxes

Hannah is brilliant! Motivational, knowledgeable and the perfect guiding light when owning your own business can be incredibly daunting!

RONI / Pamodzi Creatives / Community Interest Company

Basically, I would be quickly running backwards slowly without the support of The Female Creative. Hannah has been incredibly supportive and gone over and above the call of duty to help bring a little more order to my chaos. Thank you Hannah !

LAYLA / Healthy Balance / Kinesiology

When I began my journey with Hannah in our 121 coaching sessions, my business was in its incipient stages and I felt completely overwhelmed. I had no idea where to begin in terms of marketing, planning, promoting, and even more importantly my self-worth in the world of small business owners. Over the course of our sessions, a clear set of objectives were defined and a timeline to achieve them. I was compassionately held accountable and supported with any queries or insecurities that arose along the way. I was able to see my worth in the field of complementary holistic therapies, position myself in a competitive market, and believe in what value I bring as well as a much better understanding of how to move my business forward. The input I received from Hannah was invaluable and I sincerely cannot recommend her enough.

EMILY / Mrs Veda / Ayurvedic Health Consultant

Hannah is soooo knowledgeable! She is a mega star motivator and organiser too. She is always on the ball with latest business trends and is so easy to talk to. She is definitely your girl if you have a plan, but don’t know where to start or are feeling overwhelmed and need some structure. Highly recommend!

RACHEL / Scarlet River PR / Music PR Agency

Hannah has been absolutely fantastic in helping me work on my business! The female creative provide a safe and supportive environment to connect with other business owners. They also provide weekly check-ins and masterclasses with experts that have been so useful! Highly recommend!

KATIE/ The Home Design Counsellor / Interior Design

‘Joining the Female Creative Hub has been such an amazing experience so far. From the weekly sessions, covering a huge range of topics for business owners, to guest talks.  Not to mention the support and networking opportunities within the Hub, a community of wonderful likeminded business owners. Hannah works incredibly hard to create a personal approach for each member, delivering quarterly 1:1's and always being 100% invested in your business’

JEANNIE/ Solecare / Reflexology and Crystal Healing

'Hannah is not only full of addictive energy; she is inspiring and full of great essential tips to get you really understanding your brand. Hannah makes everything seem possible; with sleek, beautiful styling! Thank you so much for making me do the work to really understand my ideal client & brand'

FIONA / Fill Your Roots / Family Tree Consultancy

'Hannah was amazing, I’d tried to build a wix website but it was so much harder than I thought and it didn’t look anything like I wanted it to. She totally changed it up, but not just that, she taught me how to make changes and was always just a call or email away. She’s helped me realise what my brand really is and who my perfect customer is which I really hadn’t taken into account was so important. Thank you Hannah for always being there and picking me up when I thought I just wanted to Jack it all in! Xx'

SARAH/ La Boheme Photography / Photographer

I met Hannah Roper a year ago when my business was only a spark of an idea and her business, the female creative, wasn't born yet. We've both been on an incredible journey. Fast forward to today and we are both successful business owners and best friends! She has helped me massively in setting up my business, finding a name, identifying my ideal clients, dreaming big, marketing, social medias, etc! I cannot recommend Hannah enough! Thank you so so much for your valuable help!

RAHANA / Diamond Davis / Network Marketing & Coaching

Omg where do I start? This company has not only changed my network marketing business but has also changed my vision for the future and all I can achieve . She has made me the best website, logo, and helped me create so many social media marketing ideas and campaigns it’s amazing.  She is such a lovely warm helpful person as well and her creative ideas are never ending, a whiz on social media branding and so quick at it, I’ve recommended her to so many others, Ps her female creative community hub is worth the money to join as well

RACHAEL / Green Karma Aromatherapy / Aromatherapy

‘Hannah and the hub have already helped me so much in the short time I've been in. I am starting my own business and Hannah has given me so much confidence, I can do this! She is always there if I need her and the hub has so many useful tools. I am excited for the future and developing more in the hub’

Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Award Winning Small Business Coach and Mentor

Awards and Accolades...

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Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Award Winning Small Business Coach and Mentor
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