My name is Hannah, I am a business development coach, mentor & teacher & I am here to help you unlock your creativity, break down barriers and take you from feeling stuck to success in your business!

Are you...

  • Feeling stuck in your biz?

  • Frustrated you are not landing consistent clients?

  • Lacking clarity in your business?

  • Overwhelmed by so many ideas but can’t seem to get them off the ground?

  • Wanting to ‘grow’ but not sure exactly what that means?

  • Constantly doubting whether you can make this work?

  • Constantly ‘working’ which was not the plan?!

  • Working super hard all the time but not hitting the goals you set?

  • At the point of hitting your income goals but not sure where to go next?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I can help you!

The female Creative Business Coaching

Winner of Coach Foundations Top Female Coach Award 2022

The Female Creative Business Coaching

I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt!  From branding myself as an award winning country music artist, creating a 3 day music festival which made a profit in it's first year and building a coaching business during a worldwide pandemic, all whilst juggling work, children and everything else life throws at you, I know I can help you take your release those mindset blockers and unleash your creativity to take your business to new heights! Not only do you get the benefit of my experience (and mistakes!) it comes wrapped in the package of a qualified and experienced teacher so you get it all! 

Whether you are at the very beginning of your business journey or you have been going a while I know that my experience and expertise can help you level up and start making your business profitable!  Will I promise what that profit looks like? Nope because that is down to you and what you want to achieve, but with my skills and knowledge I know how successful you can be if you are willing to take that step and invest, not only in your business but, in yourself too!

So what are you waiting for?!

Named by Yahoo Finance as One of their Top Ten Business Start Up Coaches in 2021 Read more here

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Hannah Roper launched The Female Creative in April 2020 to coach, mentor and teach busy mums how to take their business from ideas to action, through planning and goal setting, removing the emotional blockers to release their creativity, grow their audience and increase their income all whilst fitting business around the busy lifestyle of a mum.  


Hannah has supported over 50 women in the last year in removing the overwhelm, releasing their creativity and taking their business from feeling stuck to success. She combines mindset and confidence coaching with practical advice and guidance to streamline processes and create a focus on working more efficiently.


Hannah combines her extensive 20 year teaching and development experience with over six years of marketing and branding experience, obtained through creating her country music alter ego, Lily Garland, and creating and facilitating a 3-day country music festival, Country on The Coast. She also has two years’ experience in network marketing, as well as corporate experience in leadership and development and is a trained classical singer, with an extensive background in music history, theory and performance having been introduced to the stage at the age of 5 by her mother.


It has not always been an easy ride for Hannah, as a survivor of domestic abuse there was a time where confidence and self-esteem were not the norm, Hannah spent many years, with the support of her family and professional services, rediscovering herself, growing her confidence and self-belief. She also discovered a love for entrepreneurship and dedicated time to develop skills in business, branding, marketing, and web design.

Following her traumatic divorce, Hannah rediscovered her love of the stage and performed in multiple musical productions.  She also launched her alter ego, Lily Garland, using songwriting and performing as a form of therapy. Hannah released her debut single in 2015 and since then has released 3 EPs, won awards and toured the UK. During this time Hannah gained experience in branding, marketing, using social media and event organisation.

Hannah came to the realisation that live Country Music events were sparse south of London so like a true entrepreneur made the decision to create her own! Hannah organised and facilitated Country on the Coast, a three-day festival in Southsea, in collaboration with a local venue. It gave Hannah a real taste of running a business and was another bit of experience under her belt.

The Female Creative provides a blueprint for growing your business, learning from all the mistakes Hannah has made along the way, opening your mind to all the possibilities and taking you and your business to places you only ever dreamed of!

Named in Yahoo Finance as one of their Top Ten Business Start up Coaches in 2021, Hannah also launched her award nominated* podcast, The Female Creative Talks in 2021. In TFC Talks Podcast, Hannah interviews inspirational female business owners from many industries with varied experienced, sharing knowledge vital for success and key skills to develop and take your business to the next level.

*Nominated for Inspirational Podcast in the 2021 International Women's Podcast Awards

About Hannah

What do my clients say?

Gem & I Jewellery
I met Hannah Roper a year ago when my business was only a spark of an idea and her business, the female creative, wasn't born yet. We've both been on an incredible journey. Fast forward to today and we are both successful business owners and best friends! She has helped me massively in setting up my business, finding a name, identifying my ideal clients, dreaming big, marketing, social medias, etc! I cannot recommend Hannah enough! Thank you so so much for your valuable help!
Sarah- Gem&I Jewellery 
121 Business Coaching & Ideal Client Workshop
Fill Your Roots Fiona Winter
Hannah was amazing, I’d tried to build a wix website but it was so much harder than I thought and it didn’t look anything like I wanted it to. She totally changed it up, but not just that, she taught me how to make changes and was always just a call or email away. She’s helped me realise what my brand really is and who my perfect customer is which I really hadn’t taken into account was so important. Thank you Hannah for always being there and picking me up when I thought I just wanted to Jack it all in! Xx
Fiona - Fill Your Roots Family History
121 Business Coaching & Website Redesign
Birute Thomas MUA
Hannah is amazing with encouraging me and pushing me to do things that keeps pushing my business forward. She also has so much knowledge when it comes to social media, her social media workshop is amazing!!!
Birute - Make Up Artist & Network Marketing
 121 Business Coaching & TFC Hub Member
Jeannie Lymath Solecare
Hannah is not only full of addictive energy; she is inspiring and full of great essential tips to get you really understanding your brand. Hannah makes everything seem possible; with sleek, beautiful styling! Thank you so much for making me do the work to really understand my ideal client & brand
Jeannie - Solecare Holistic Therapy
121 Business Coaching & Hub Member
The Baby Imprint Co Amanda Maddy
Hannah and the hub have been amazing, it has been so supportive in helping me launch my business. Hannah pushes me to think about aspects of my business I otherwise would not have. She also inspires me to push myself to achieve my full potential.
Amanda - The Baby Imprint Co
121 Business Coaching  & TFC Hub Member
Katie Churchill The Home Design Counsellor
An easy, light hearted, super helpful & friendly approach to personal business coaching. I couldn't ask for more!
Katie - The Home design Counsellor
121 Business Coaching  & TFC Hub Member
Samantha Canaway Rain 2 Rainbow
Hannah has such a calm, friendly and inviting manner yet has a great balance of professionalism about her, I would recommend her service to anyone because it’s a nice refreshing non invasive approach to how to set up and get going with your business and an online presence. Hannah makes the daunting seem more possible and less complicated.
Sam - Rain 2 Rainbow/Network Marketing
Social Media Strategy Workshop & TFC Hub Member
Laura Tomlinson Strong Girls Club
I am so glad I found Hannah from the female creative, she helped harness my ideas and put them down in a way I could use for my branding! she totally got me and what my business was about and it made me feel so comfortable sharing what I wanted to achieve! the female creative really helped me understand better my ideal client and how it fit my business! Hannah adds so much value with her services I 100% recommended

Laura - Strong Girls Club Personal Trainer
121 Business Coaching
Clare Hussein The Allergy Collective
The whole experience felt aligned with how I would like to run my business. You had taken the time to drill down into my answers and get out of me what I want and how I want to do it! Not salesy or pushy, recommending without making me feel obliged at all.
Clare - The Allergy Collective
Branding Workshop and 121 Business Coaching
Jo Ware Joy and Her Joy
Informative, Insightful and Professional
Jo - Jo and Her Joy
Ideal Client Workshop
Diamond Davis

Omg where do I start? This company has not only changed my network marketing business but has also changed my vision for the future and all I can achieve . She has made me the best website, logo, and helped me create so many social media marketing ideas and campaigns it’s amazing

She is such a lovely warm helpful person as well and her creative ideas are never ending

The whiz on social media branding and so quick at it

I’ve recommended her to so many others

Ps her female creative community hub is worth the money to join as well

Rahana - Diamond Davis / Network Marketing
Website Redesign & TFC Hub Member
Gemma Witcomb Gemma Yoga
Energising, helpful and exciting
Gemma - Gemma Yoga Teacher
Social Media Strategy