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Your Business, Your Vision: 121 Strategy Workshop

Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business, Photo
What is it?

For small business owners who desire a more personalised approach without the commitment of coaching programme, our 121 Strategy Workshop is the answer.

This intensive one-on-one workshop is designed to tackle the unique issues holding you back in your business, empowering you with the right strategies to overcome them and thrive.

What can you use the 121 Strategy Workshop for?

Here are some examples of topics that have been covered in the 121 Strategy Workshop;

  • Naming your business 

  • Website structure and planning

  • Definition of key branding messages

  • Marketing Strategy e.g. how to reach new clients

  • Content eg what to communicate and post to your audience

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Ideal client refinement

  • Rebranding

  • Diversifying marketing activities

And more....

Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business, Photo

What do my Clients say?

My session with you was a game changer!

JO/ Engendering Change / Education

Introducing you to...

The Female Creative, Hannah Roper, Business Strategy Coach and Mentor, Community for women

Your Business, Your Vision: 121 Strategy Workshop

The 121 Strategy Workshop is your chance to dive deeper, gain clarity, and build a strong strategy aligned with your business goals. 

What's Included?
  • Personalised Strategy Session: Enjoy a 60-minute one-on-one strategy session tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you want to refine your ideal client profile, expand your marketing strategy, create engaging social media content, set achievable goals, or plan your business year, we've got you covered.


  • Actionable Insights: Get clear, concise notes from our session together, paired with actionable steps for you to implement right away.

  • 7-day Voice Support: Have follow-up questions? Get access to 7 days of voice support via Telegram to ensure you're confidently moving forward.

  • Affordable One-time Fee: At just a £200 one-off fee with no further financial commitments, this workshop is a valuable investment in your business growth.

It's time to build a business that works for you!

Hi I'm Hannah, a dynamic entrepreneur, country music singer, festival founder, and the visionary behind The Female Creative—a vibrant community empowering small business owners and creatives.


With over 9 years of experience running successful businesses and two decades in learning and development, I offer valuable support, guiding women through entrepreneurship challenges and supporting them in building the key business foundations for success. Find out more about me here 

So What Do You Get With a TFC 121 Strategy Workshop?

1 x 60 min Workshop

60 mins 121 to focus purely on you and your business

7 Days of Voice Support

Ask any questions for 7 days after the Workshop

Reference Notes For You To Keep

Any notes, links, strategy or ideas discussed will be recorded and sent to you following the session.

What do my Clients say?

Working with Hannah and speaking about my business, I felt like we achieved a substantial amount! While speaking with Hannah, she was creating a mind map of my business, with topics and sub-topics, this really helped me visualise everything within my business and what I can do to make it better and allow it to grow. Hannah was educating me on different ways I can make my business more efficient, and ideas for social media. I felt like I had achieved a sense of 'I can do this, I am fully capable of all of this.’

Hannah, you are brilliant! You not only do a fantastic job of helping with the strategy of businesses but also are someone who cares and wants everyone to win! It's a trait I wish more people had. I cannot thank you enough for all the help, guidance and advice you gave me. I will be applying it to my business! I look forward to seeing you and working with you again soon!

MEGAN / Peridot Bridal / Garment Alterations

Did you know?

90% of online businesses fail in the first year! How sad is that?! People like you, who have something that could help so many, fail and feel like all that time and money invested has been lost.

Building a business is hard, I know from first hand experience, but you can make it a lot easier with a plan that fits around your life, achievable goals and a community to support you 

What's Next?

Book your Strategy Workshop HERE

Once booked, a contract, invoice and the portal information will be sent out to you

Complete the Pre - Strategy Workshop Questionnaire

We will work together to get you the clarity you need for your business to undertake the right activities to get you to where you want to be!

How Else Can You Work With Me?

Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business, Photo

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Build your business your way, with our flexible 6 or 12-month coaching packages. These personalised sessions give you the freedom to schedule as per your needs and pace, building foundations for any business.

Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business, Photo

Unlock Your Business Potential: Monthly 121 Coaching

For those who've tasted success with our coaching packages and crave more, we offer a monthly 121 coaching service. This plan is the perfect solution for ongoing support without breaking the bank.


Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business, Photo

Join a Sisterhood of Success: The Female Creative Hub

Join the Female Creative Hub, a vibrant community of like-minded business owners and creatives who are committed to journeying with you through the rollercoaster ride of running a business. 

Hannah Roper, The Female Creative, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business, Photo

The Female Creative Brunch: Network, Nourish, and Nurture

Join our vibrant and welcoming community of women in business and creatives at The Networking Brunch, a delightful event where connections, celebration, and empowerment take centre stage.

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