The Female Creative 121 Coaching & Business Consultancy Programme

Hannah Roper The Female Creative Business Development Coach, Portsmouth, Hampshire
The coaching and consultation programme supporting you and your business to reduce the overwhelm, prioritise the right activities and balance your business alongside the stresses and demands of life, leading you to achieving the goals that you want and not being distracted by the noise of comparison and self doubt
Is This You?
  • Feeling stuck in your business?

  • Frustrated you are not landing consistent clients?

  • Lacking clarity in your business activities and decisions?

  • Overwhelmed by so many ideas but can’t seem to get them off the ground?

  • Wanting to ‘grow’ but not sure exactly what that means?

  • Constantly doubting whether you can make this work?

  • Constantly ‘working’ which was not the plan when starting your own business?!

  • Unsure of how to make the change from employed to self employed?

  • Working super hard all the time but not hitting the goals you set?

  • At the point of hitting your income goals but not sure where to go next?

It's time to build a plan that works for you and grow your business your way!

I had 121 coaching with Hannah running up to Christmas, I started my own business at the start of the autumn after taking voluntary redundancy and was at a loss as to how to really get started.
The sessions with Hannah have been invaluable - she supported, encouraged and guided me throughout my sessions which built my confidence and my business portfolio. I now have a well thought out business plan, a social media strategy and in turn have had more clients which is absolutely fantastic!

KATIE / The Home Design Counsellor / Interior Design

Sound Familiar?

You have a great idea for your business and there is a gap in the market otherwise you wouldn't have had the idea but running a business is hard! You have read so much information from experts on social media, you have googled the sh*t out of everything, watched all the YouTube videos, signed up for so many challenges, downloaded all the freebies and even invested in a few online courses but...

  • You don't know how to actually get started and turn that idea into action

  • You haven't found a plan that works for you to create a reliable income from something you love

  • The balance between work and home is not right

  • You struggle with being consistent 

  • You want to know how to stand out in the noise of social media

  • You haven't found out how to speak to you audience so they connect with you and buy your products

  • You don't know how to set the right pricing for your products

  • You find the whole website world is just so overwhelming

  • Managing your time is still stressing you out

  • You are confused by all the expert advice that seems so contradictory

if so then you are in the right place!

Did you know?

90% of online businesses fail in the first year! How sad is that?! People like you, who have something that could help so many, fail and feel like all that time and money invested has been lost.

Building a business is hard, I know from first hand experience, but you can make it a lot easier with a plan that fits around your life, achievable goals and a community to support you 

What if you could...
Build an engaged audience of fans, you are visible, your posts receive engagement from people who care about what you sell and who shout about you from the roof tops
Create a reliable income from doing something you love whilst balancing life and work in a way that works for you, setting clear boundaries for yourself
Feel fulfilled by a business you have built from scratch that helps so many people
Understand who you are targeting with your product or service and easily create content you know they need
Have a consistent approach to all things business that gets you towards your goals in a more structure way
Have confidence that you can achieve what you want in your business without any limits you have placed on yourself

Hannah Roper launched The Female Creative in 2020 to coach, mentor and teach busy women how to turn their business ideas into action. Through 121 coaching, a group membership and as a podcast host for The Female Creative Talks, Hannah focuses on four business foundations; Message, Strategy, Systems and Mindset, to support female owned businesses to release their creativity, grow their audience and increase their income all whilst fitting business around their busy lifestyle.  
Hannah has 20 years plus experience as a teacher and learning expert plus seven years of marketing and branding experience, obtained through creating her country music alter ego, Lily Garland, and as Creative Director of her 3-day country music festival, Country on The Coast. She also has two years’ experience in network marketing, as well as corporate experience in leadership and development from various roles.
With a varied career history including time as a police officer, it has not always been an easy ride for Hannah, as a survivor of domestic abuse there was a time where confidence and self-esteem were not the norm, Hannah spent many years rediscovering herself and growing in confidence and self-belief. This was when she discovered her love for entrepreneurship and dedicated time to developing skills in business, branding, marketing and web design.

Named in Yahoo Finance as one of their Top Ten Business Start up Coaches in 2021, and has recently been chosen to receive an accolade for Top Female Business Coaches Worldwide of 2022 by Coach Foundation and was the recipient of a Pamodzi Inspirational Women Award 2022.  Hannah is also a finalist for the Women’s Business Awards for Business Women of the Year and will be appearing as an expert pod host at the Women's Business Conference in October 2022.

The Female Creative, Hannah Roper, Business Strategy Coach and Mentor, Community for women

Hannah has been amazing helping me start and grow my business from absolutely nothing! She has amazing knowledge and is just such a lovely lady who I can not recommend enough. If I could I would of given more stars

HANNAH / Hannah Smith VA / Network Marketing and Virtual Assistant

Introducing you to...
Hannah Roper The Female Creative Business Development Coach, Portsmouth, Hampshire
121 Coaching & Consultation Programme

TFC 121 Coaching & Consultation Programme is all about you!

I have been where you are, struggling to find the balance, feeling overwhelmed by all the expert advice and knowing which foot to put in front of the other to make my business work.

I created this programme to put a stop to you feeling this way, it is a platform for me to share the lessons I have learnt along my journey whilst balancing employment and motherhood so you can see that it is possible to make it work and make it work well.  Having over 20 years in learning and development enables me to see you and how you want your business to function, to take a holistic overview of where you are and where you want to be, creating a safe space for you to grow and flourish as a business owner.

Together we will work through the 4 key business foundations to support you in achieving your goals whilst finding the right balance between life and business.  Although I use a framework based on my experience and education, it is flexible to fit around you and your business, no one size fits all here!

All you need to do is come with a mind full of ideas and be ready to share them with me!

I will take you from feeling like you are winging it and putting in all the hours for little return, to having a clear plan that works for you and the knowledge to put that plan into action!

So What is TFC 121 Coaching & Consultation Programme All About?
The Female Creative 121 Coaching Programme follows a four part methodology to give you a solid business foundation enabling you to grow your business and your confidence.  It the basis for my success and is based on marketing and business theory that translates into actionable steps.
Gaining clarity on who you are targeting, defining your personal and business branding and setting out your key messages.  Whether your business is new or established, conducting these activities is vital to the growth of your business
Once you have clear messaging we will work together to identify your goals and the key activities you need to achieve those goals.  Strategy is all about knowing what you need to do and why you are doing it and this is so often missed by solo business owners
Getting the right systems in place makes the running of your business more manageable.  From email marketing to client management, social media to appointment booking, websites to blogs, we will identify the most suitable systems for your business
Having confidence in your decision making is so important when running a business but something often overlooked.  During this programme we will identify areas where I can give you more support so you can see the magic I know you have!

What's Included?

  • 6 or 12 x 60min 121 sessions of Coaching and Mentoring

  • A discovery call to get to know you

  • Either 12 week or 24 week time frame to use your sessions

  • Worksheets, cheatsheets, top tips and up-to-date information at your finger tips

  • Access to 3 or 6 Online Group Masterclasses depending on the length of the programme

  • 12/24 weeks Voice Support to ask questions in between sessions

  • Option to add web design service for a reduced fee

  • Plus a whole lotta love, cheerleading and support!

  • Investment starts from £1500 (payment plans available to spread the cost over the length of your programme)

What's Next?

Book your free discovery call HERE

Once you jump on in a contract, invoice and portal information will be sent out to you
A date will be set for your first session

We will work together to build a solid foundation for your business and undertake the right activities to get you to where you want to be!

Check Out My Other Services...

The Female Creative, Hannah Roper, Business Strategy Coach and Mentor, Community for women
TFC Hub Membership

If you want to be surrounded by a supportive community, have a safe space to celebrate your wins, be lifted up when things get tough, learn skills and knowledge to support your business development then come and join TFC Hub!

The Hub is a monthly membership with masterclasses, accountability sessions and support from a community of women just like you! Plus a whole library of resources for you to access on demand!

The Female Creative, Hannah Roper, Business Strategy Coach and Mentor, Community for women
121 Strategy  Workshop

TFC 121 Strategy Workshops are all about giving you fresh eyes on your business.  Together we will go through your goals and I will make strategic recommendations as to how you can achieve these goals.  Whether it be increasing your online presence, getting to grips with your social media, rebranding or expanding your marketing activities, this workshop will kick start the next stage of your business! Perfect if you want to try out TFC services or are not quite ready to jump into a coaching and mentoring programme!

The Female Creative, Hannah Roper, Business Strategy Coach and Mentor, Community for women

One thing I have seen many small businesses struggle with, is having a website that they can edit and use easily without the need to pay a high price for a website designer to manage it for them. Now don't get me wrong the ideal is a fancy website fully coded and bespoke but this is super costly!

I have built and redesigned over 15 websites using Wix in the last 2 years for clients who have then gone on to manage them with ease at a low cost.