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One of the first things I ask my clients is...

'Who is your business targeting?' 

To succeed in selling your product or service you need to know who your ideal client is, and the problem you are solving for them, and I mean really know!


My clients will tell you how much detail we go into to make sure we get it right!

If you do not know who your ideal client is and the problem you solve for them then it will really halt your progress!  

Luckily I can help! I have put together a short workbook to start you on your journey of identifying who your ideal client is!  Click the link below to download!

If you would like more guidance and help on defining and identifying your ideal client, book in for a FREE discovery call to chat about my coaching and mentoring programme and how I can help! 

What do TFC Clients say about the Ideal Client Coaching?

"I would recommend to all growing businesses as we all need to know this as a starting point to grow."

Stacey Edmonds

"It was perfect for explaining and showing how important it is to know your ideal client, as well as being informative with the details."

Claire Hussein

"The ideal client workshop is extremely useful for anyone looking to start or launch a business online, it helps you focus who you want your ideal client to be and that's the most vital part in any business. Putting content out there that's not relevant is not something you always think about, you just thinking about producing content and getting out there, you don't always think about who you want it to reach that's going to benefit your business the most. What i found really useful is making sure you focus on who not how many."

Sam Canaway