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What Do I Do Now?

I have been thinking deeply about financial goals and the emotional connection we have with these goals.

Following conversations with clients, other business owners and my own business coach it became clear to me that I had lost the emotional attachment to my financial goals.

You see, I had met my main financial goal which was such a driving factor for me for such a long time. When I hit that goal of course I made other financial goals however I didn’t consciously attach any emotion to these goals, they were nice to haves, not essentials.


But what about those financial goals?

I have spoken about financial goals before and I truly believe that financial goals are important but they are not the only goal to set for a business.

It is vital to…

  1. Connect to a bigger reason than money

  2. Focus on the impact you want to make on others

  3. Strive to do something that brings you joy

As this is what will keep you motivated when times get tough, so you continue to focus forward.

Not just about the numbers!

However when setting financial goals it is not just about the numbers but what the numbers allow you to do that will drive the changes needed to hit those goals. It will be the freedom, the ability to leave a job, holidays with family, experiences you wouldn’t normally be able to afford that will give that extra bit of fire and stop you resting on your laurels.

Comparison! 🙈

With exposure to social media and the internet as free as it is, it can be really easy to get drawn into comparison between yourself and other businesses (read my blog on comparison here!) and lose sight of your focus and drive. There is so much online focus around 5 figure, 6 figure, 7 figure incomes which may work for you, but for me and my clients it becomes counter productive.

Firstly, these claims of income have no context. Someone could have a 10k month but no income coming in for another 3 months. Someone may have consecutive 10k months but have been working in their business for 10 years! Social media doesn’t reveal that information only the numbers. Money is seem as an indication of success but success is really determined by you and what you deem to represent success. Anyway I digress!

But why?!

Now I am no expert but what it do know is when manifesting or visualising the achievement of a goal, it is all about the emotion, projecting how that goal will make you feel, that takes it from just words to an action with meaning, this is when your subconscious and conscious brain opens up to these goals and allows you space to achieve them.

Anything half hearted isn’t going to work, you need to go all in with that emotional connection to show you are ready to receive the benefits!

In fact your whole business is based on that emotional connection right! You need to be emotionally connected to potential customers for them to know, like and trust you! You have to be emotional connected to understand how you can best serve your customers. Your customers have to be emotionally connected to want to get to know you more and understand how you can solve their problem or provide them with the transformation they are seeking so what would it be any different for your goal setting!

It all comes back to understanding why. Why do you want to have your own business, why do you want to help your customers, why do you want to achieve x amount of money! It all makes so much sense!

I realised I hadn’t done this for my current financial goal, I had focussed on the numbers only no wonder I wasn’t achieving what I wanted to! I was missing the why, the emotional connection to what that number will bring me!

So what about you?

Whatever your goals, financial or not, ask yourself these questions...

  1. What is your why?

  2. How will achieving that goal make you feel?

  3. What will achieving that goal allow you to do?

  4. What emotions can you attach to that goal?

Use this emotion to manifest and visualise your goals and get yourself on the path to achieving them! I would love to know more about your current goal!

Need help with goal setting and figuring out what is next for you and your business? Book a free discovery call with me here!


About the Author

Hannah Roper is a dynamic entrepreneur, country music singer, festival founder, and the visionary behind The Female Creative—a vibrant community empowering small business owners and creatives. With over 9 years of experience running successful businesses and two decades in learning and development, Hannah offers valuable support, guiding women through entrepreneurship challenges.

Her approach helps individuals organise their mental to-do lists, empowering them to reach their full potential. As a survivor of domestic abuse, she underwent a transformative journey of self-discovery, developing a deep love for entrepreneurship.

Balancing The Female Creative, Country on The Coast Festival, and passion projects with her corporate career, Hannah exemplifies strategic thinking while maintaining a work-life balance.

Honoured with the Pamodzi Inspirational Women Award and runner-up for Business Women of the Year 2022 Award, Hannah's impact on the business world is remarkable.

Driven by her unwavering commitment to empowering women, Hannah Roper is a beacon of inspiration, providing clarity and support on entrepreneurial journeys. Her passion for helping women find work-life balance and succeed makes her a highly sought-after mentor and coach.

To find out more please visit

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