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Increase your income now…before you need it!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

It may feel a bit uncomfortable talking about money at the moment with all that is going on in the world but hear me out…

We live in a consumer society, there are purchases made every second, products, services, essentials, luxuries, people will always want and need buy things!

They say money can’t buy happiness but what money does buy is choice, and choice gives you freedom and freedom does make you happy!

So many of us get stuck in a salary trap. We get a job, that salary grows yearly, we live to our salary as it increases (and sometimes we live beyond it!) and before we know it, choice feels like a distant memory as we have a non negotiable income we need to bring home!

And yes, of course there are cut backs that can be made, but….

A. Culturally it is engrained in us that expense equals value

B. Once you have a house, a car, small humans etc it can be near on impossible to cut down on expenses without it effecting the overall quality of your life and people are comfortable with what they know!

Large corporate businesses focus on profit, the age of employee loyalty and staying at one place for your whole career is a distant memory and as for pay increases well there is no guarantee in the current economic climate!

You need them more than they need you, however much they kiss your ass on appraisal day!

To increase your income in the corporate world you will have to swap and change, seek out the best financial package for you and not be afraid to jump ship to further your career.

This won’t suit everyone, especially not women with financial and caring responsibilities!

It is what it is, so why am I telling you this?

Well there are only so many hours in a day and we know that the 24/7 hustle is not what we are aiming for so the options open for you to increase your income are;

  1. Starting a business

  2. Being creative around earning more money!

But…..if you are looking for overnight success then you will be bitterly disappointed!

I am on my 4th business idea and only now am I earning a decent income (is it going to allow me to retire now and buy a big house….nope but it does give me choices and opportunities to be proactive in managing my income)

So many people go into business with a need to earn x amount instantly, and although I work with my clients to start bringing in income as soon as they can, it won’t be in the droves they imagined or wanted!

Whatever the opportunity, whether it be investing in crypto, providing a service or starting an e commerce brand, you have to learn as you go! You need to know something (but not everything!) to enable you to find the right people who will buy from you or the right opportunities to invest…..I’ll say it again, it takes time!

So start NOW!

If you wait until you need it, you are too late!

It is absolutely possible to build a business alongside your career, it will require time and effort but it is so worth it!

So if you have been sitting on the fence about starting a side hustle or feel stuck in a job that you no longer enjoy and want to take back control, this as your sign to take action and start today!!

Check out the guest blog I wrote recently ‘What to Consider When Thinking About Starting a Business’ Here!

About the Author

Hannah Roper, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, podcast host and country music singer, founded The Female Creative to support women in finding a work/life balance to suit their needs. With 8 years experience in running multiple businesses as well as 20+ years in learning and development, Hannah uses her skills and knowledge to coach and mentor women, providing a safe space for them to ride the highs and lows of running a business. Through managing The Female Creative, Country on The Coast Festival and multiple passion projects, all whilst still working in the corporate world, Hannah demonstrates that by being strategic and building the right business foundations, it is possible to wear all the hats, have the right balance and still manage to watch the latest Netflix series! The Female Creative provides 121, a monthly membership, networking events and The Female Creative Talks Podcast to inspire, support and lift up women in business. 2022 has seen Hannah receive an accolade for Top Female Business Coaches Worldwide from Coach Foundation and was the recipient of a Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Award. Hannah is also a finalist for the Women’s Business Awards 2022.

To find out more please visit

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