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Running Out of Content?!

I have had calls with clients where they feel stressed or overwhelmed or just plain uncertain of what to post to their social media. However after half an hour together, they had a list of content ideas perfect for their ideal audience!

So often we think it is more complicated than it needs to be! Your content is there to share what you do, build trust and provide information about your products and services!

It is tough to keep finding new content for social media! But I can guarantee you have so much to share, you just don't realise!

Here are some ideas and tips to get you started...

1. Share content that connects with your audience.

2. Revisit your previous, most popular content and repurpose. Create a post with the same theme/caption/image, making sure it is still up to date and relevant.

3. Content ideas

  • Behind the scenes

  • A day in the life

  • Why you started your biz

  • How your service/product impacts clients

  • What goes into creating your product/service

  • Revisit your ideal clients main problem

  • Reintroduce yourself

  • Share a review/testimonial

  • Share some industry related top tips

If you want help with your content then check out my 121 strategy workshops as a perfect low cost solution!


About the Author

Hannah Roper is a dynamic entrepreneur, country music singer, festival founder, and the visionary behind The Female Creative—a vibrant community empowering small business owners and creatives. With over 9 years of experience running successful businesses and two decades in learning and development, Hannah offers valuable support, guiding women through entrepreneurship challenges.

Her approach helps individuals organise their mental to-do lists, empowering them to reach their full potential. As a survivor of domestic abuse, she underwent a transformative journey of self-discovery, developing a deep love for entrepreneurship.

Balancing The Female Creative, Country on The Coast Festival, and passion projects with her corporate career, Hannah exemplifies strategic thinking while maintaining a work-life balance.

Honoured with the Pamodzi Inspirational Women Award and runner-up for Business Women of the Year 2022 Award, Hannah's impact on the business world is remarkable.

Driven by her unwavering commitment to empowering women, Hannah Roper is a beacon of inspiration, providing clarity and support on entrepreneurial journeys. Her passion for helping women find work-life balance and succeed makes her a highly sought-after mentor and coach.

To find out more please visit

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