The Female Creative Hub Membership

TFC Hub is a community based monthly membership with the added benefit of accountability and education.  We have monthly online sessions to support you and your business plus regular in person networking and social events!


TFC Hub is a place for you to share your lowest lows and highest highs, with love, advice and the biggest cheers all coming your way!

Is This You?
You find it quite lonely building your business and when you share with your family they don't quite get it
You struggle keeping up to date with the latest trends, whether it be social media, website creation, marketing, business branding, it is just so overwhelming
You know with more consistency and the right support you can build your business, grow your audience and feel confident and in control 
‘A great place for help with all things business (as well as friendship and life support) Organisation, focus, celebration of success big and small, ideas and encouragement! Oh so much more…..’ Hannah
It's time to surround yourself with the right people and the right tools to support you on your business journey!
Is this you?
You have been working hard in your business, getting off the starting blocks was hard but maintaining consistency of business activities is even harder! You have read so much info from social media accounts, googled everything, watched all the YouTube videos, downloaded all the freebies but...
  • You don't know what is relevant to your business to help you grow

  • You don't have time to keep researching the latest trends

  • You struggle with getting yourself motivated to keep growing your business

  • You struggle with being consistent on social media and standing out from the noise

  • You want to be able to speak to others who have been there and done that

  • You want to be surrounded by others who understand the good parts and the hard parts of building a business

  • You need support and accountability

  • You are not quite able to invest in the 121 coaching programme but want some support and guidance

  • You love having a business but it feels lonely at times

‘You support and encourage other small business owners to focus and grow, helping them navigate their path and realise their potential’ Anna

Becoming a business owner is tough and even though we know it is worth it, the learning curve is steep and never ending at times!

No matter how supportive your friends and family try to be, it is not the same as being surrounded by those who share the same racing mind, sleepless nights and the constant ‘if I just could just get this done’ feeling of being a business owner

The Female Creative Hub is all about having that safe space for female business owners, in the hub you have found your business sanctuary!

‘Gives women space to explore their business ideas and helps them to focus and find their calling. Also, you are lovely to boot 😍’. Clare

Did you know?

90% of online businesses fail in the first year! How sad is that?! People like you, who have something that could help so many, fail and feel like all that time and money invested has been lost.

Building a business is hard, I know from first hand experience, but you can make it a lot easier when you are surrounded by the right people and have access to all the resources you need!

What if you could...
Be able to ask any question you wish, no matter how big or small
Access up to date information on social media marketing, algorithms and all that jazz
Be surrounded by women who understand what you are going through
Access the right resources when you need them
Know exactly how your business helps your customer through accessing the right information when you need it
Have confidence that you can achieve what you want in your business without any limits you have placed on yourself
‘You're more than just a coach - you've been there, done that and worn the t - shirt and as a result you are a confidante and friend too. This truly awesome combination gives us the confidence to believe in ourselves and our abilities to make our businesses a success 🙌 😘’. Katie
Introducing you too...
Hannah Roper The Female Creative Business Development Coach, Portsmouth, Hampshire_edited.
Hub Group Membership

What will you get out of TFC Hub?


  • A place to shout from the highest rooftops about your wins however small

  • A support system to share your struggles and over stimulated mind

  • A platform to learn and grow with others around you

  • A safe space to be held accountable and drive you towards the right action for your business

  • An environment to build your business in a way that feels authentic and aligned with you and your values

Hannah Roper launched The Female Creative in 2020 to coach, mentor and teach busy women how to turn their business ideas into action. Through 121 coaching, a group membership and as a podcast host for The Female Creative Talks, Hannah focuses on four business foundations; Message, Strategy, Systems and Mindset, to support female owned businesses to release their creativity, grow their audience and increase their income all whilst fitting business around their busy lifestyle.  
Hannah has 20 years plus experience as a teacher and learning expert plus seven years of marketing and branding experience, obtained through creating her country music alter ego, Lily Garland, and as Creative Director of her 3-day country music festival, Country on The Coast. She also has two years’ experience in network marketing, as well as corporate experience in leadership and development from various roles.
With a varied career history including time as a police officer, it has not always been an easy ride for Hannah, as a survivor of domestic abuse there was a time where confidence and self-esteem were not the norm, Hannah spent many years rediscovering herself and growing in confidence and self-belief. This was when she discovered her love for entrepreneurship and dedicated time to developing skills in business, branding, marketing and web design.

Named in Yahoo Finance as one of their Top Ten Business Start up Coaches in 2021, and has recently been chosen to receive an accolade for Top Female Business Coaches Worldwide of 2022 by Coach Foundation and was the recipient of a Pamodzi Inspirational Women Award 2022.  Hannah is also a finalist for the Women’s Business Awards for Business Women of the Year and will be appearing as an expert pod host at the Women's Business Conference in October 2022.
Meet Hannah!
The Female Creative Business Coaching, coach and Mentor, Portsmouth Hampshire_edited.png
‘Make you believe that you can do it. That you are worthy and anything is possible’. Rachael
Community and Support
Be surrounded by women cheering you on, celebrating your wins and supporting the hardships
Access to Resources & Learning
Access all TFC Hub resources in your own time, videos, workbooks and cheatsheets all at your disposal
Weekly goal setting and accountability to keep you on track with monthly live calls!
So What is TFC Hub All About?
The best way to succeed as a solo business owner is to surround yourself with the right people and that's what TFC Hub is all about! 


The Female Creative Hub Membership, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Coaching for Female Owned Busin
Katie, The Home Design Counsellor - Interior Design

‘It's a great space to be inspired, motivated & supported, I love the fact its used by a group of like minded small businesses, I love the advice and support we give one another, I would highly recommend the 121 coaching package and becoming a hub member if you have your own business, new or old, and are in need of some help, inspiration and direction’. Katie

The Female Creative Hub Membership, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Coaching for Female Owned Busin
Rachael, Green Karma Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy

‘Hannah and the hub have already helped me so much in the short time I've been in. I am starting my own business and Hannah has given me so much confidence, I can do this! She is always there if I need her and the hub has so many useful tools. I am excited for the future and developing more in the hub’.

The Female Creative Hub Membership, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Coaching for Female Owned Busin
Caroline, Dreamstones Handmade - Crystal Jewellery

‘I just wish I'd joined sooner! Hannah is just phenomenal. Her wealth of knowledge, experience and character is just something I need to bottle and take everywhere with me! She and her network of other business women are an amazing support and have really boosted my business this year. I'm excited to see where this goes!’ Caroline

What happens in the Hub (stays in the hub lol!) …..

Standard Membership...

  • Monthly online accountability and goal setting sessions

  • Monthly online Masterclass with Hannah or a Guest Speaker

  • Access to exclusive Facebook group

  • Invitation to the members only social events

  • A library of video and document resources to support you and your business

  • Invitation to a private WhatsApp group (not compulsory)

  • 30 min 121 Kickstarter call to welcome you into the hub

  • 3 x 121check in calls across the year to focus on you and your business

  • Option to upgrade to include a monthly 60 min 121 coaching call​

Investment: £30 a month (Monthly Value £150)

Enhanced Membership...

You also have the option of upgrading to the Enhanced Hub Membership which is all of the above plus a monthly 60min 121 and ongoing voice support.

The Enhanced Hub Membership is perfect for that extra level of accountability and a more targeted approach to move your business forward without the price tag of a 121 coaching programme! 

Investment: £130 a month (Monthly Value £325)

‘So helpful in keeping my business at the forefront of my mind, when it would otherwise get lost in the rush of life’. Lizzy
What's Next?
Click Here to sign up via PayPal for the Hub Membership (totally safe and secure!)
Click Here to book a free discovery call to talk it over some more or enquire about the enhanced hub
Request access to the private Facebook Group Here
Look out for the welcome email with portal access, links to all the hub resources and instructions on how to book your welcome call!
Enjoy being part of the amazing community who will rise you up, support you, learn with you and help take your business to the next level!
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I have built and redesigned over 15 websites using Wix in the last 2 years for clients who have then gone on to manage them with ease at a low cost.