121 Power Hour

TFC Power Hours are all about giving you a super start to building your business, both product based and service based.  Whether you want to identify who your business is aimed at or define your business brand, a power hour will get you on the right path.
Is this you?

You want to be able to connect with your audience and know what to say to them


You have an amazing product or service that you know people need as that's why you started doing it but you struggle with content for social media!

You know with more consistency and some support you could turn your audience into paying customers

It's time to really understand how you can connect with your audience and convert them to customers!
Is this you?
You have a great idea for your business and there is a gap as otherwise you wouldn't have had the idea but getting off the starting blocks is hard! You have read so much info from social media accounts, googled everything, watched all the YouTube videos, downloaded all the freebies but...
  • You don't know how to find the people who need your product or service

  • You don't know where to find your perfect customer

  • You haven't really defined the problem your business solves 

  • You are spending so much time chasing customers rather than attracting them

  • You struggle with being consistent on social media

  • You want to know how to stand out in the noise of social media

  • You haven't found out how to speak to you audience so they connect with you and buy your products

  • You can't decide on a name that suits your business

  • You have a logo and a name but it doesn't feel quite right

  • Your business has evolved since you started and you don't feel like your branding represents your business anymore

  • You are not quite ready to invest in the 121 coaching programme but want some support and guidance

It's time to really focus on the problem your business solves to attract the right customers for your product or service and increase your sales
Did you know?

90% of online businesses fail in the first year! How sad is that?! People like you, who have something that could help so many, fail and feel like all that time and money invested has been lost.

Building a business is hard, I know from first hand experience, but you can make it a lot easier when you are absolute in knowing how your business solves your customers problem and how to speak to your customers in a way that converts them from fans to sales!

What if you could...
Build an engaged audience of fans on social media
Know exactly how your business helps your customer
Know the right language to convert your followers to customers
Have consistent engagement on your content from people who care about what you sell and shout it from the roof tops
Have confidence that you can achieve what you want in your business without any limits you have placed on yourself
Understand who you are targeting with your product or service and easily create content you know they need
Hi I'm Hannah

Named as one of Yahoo Finance Top Ten Business Start Up Coaches in 2021, I have built The Female Creative from the ground during the global pandemic of 2020. 

Although a fairly new business I have had over 20 years of experience in teaching and developing others as well as creating, launching, branding and marketing my award winning country music brand Lily Garland and creating and successfully running a 3 day country music festival.

I always wanted to help people and support them in doing something they truly love and TFC enables me to do that! 

After seeing lots of mums turn their hobbies into side hustles during the pandemic to provide some financial assistance to the family but also have something for themselves away from everyone else.  However, many mums just didn't know how to treat it as a business and had a lack of confidence in their abilities.  As mums we are the best project managers so i knew I could share the knowledge and expertise I had gained over the years and combine it to support these women so they could see what I could - they have everything it takes to build a successful business they just needed a helping hand!  I am passionate about starting at the beginning and really understanding who your ideal client is, the problem your business solves and how you use this information to define your brand startegy.

The Female Creative
Introducing you too...
121 Power Hour
TFC 121 Power Hour is aimed at really targeting the basics, and is a great starting point when investing in your own business development without the big price tag!
Whether your business is new or you want to rebrand, knowing who your business is aimed at, the problem you solve and how to use this as part of your branding plan provides such a strong foundation to grow and build your business
So often I see branding misinterpreted and many women jump straight in with a logo and name only to find they are not getting the right customers to their website or social media
By identifying your ideal client and the problem you can solve or working to really define your whole brand supports your use of social media and any other marketing tool that suits your business!
So What is TFC 121 Power Hour All About?
TFC 121 Power Hours focus on 2 topics, identifying your Ideal Client or Defining Your Business brand.  Which ever Power you choose as best for your follows a three step process...
This talks about all the elements you need to consider and why
Watch the OnDemand Workshop 
Use the workbook to consolidate the workshop and start thinking about how it looks for your business
Complete The Workbook
Get to the fine detail needed to leave the session with  clear knowledge and a plan that will support your business
Complete the 121 Power Hour Session with me!
What's Included?
  • A discovery call to get to know you

  • An OnDemand Workshop to watch as many times as yo wish

  • An easy to use printable workbook to record all your notes and ideas

  • A 60 min Power Hour Coaching Session

The Female Creative Power Hour Customer
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What's Next?

Click Here to book your free discovery call to discuss which power hour would suit you best
Once we have spoken the contract and invoice will be sent out to you
Once payment has been made the OnDemand Workshop and Workbook will be sent to you and we will book the date for your Power Hour Session!
You will have all the tools needed to identify you ideal client or effectively define your brand to grow your customers and build your business!