121 Coaching Programme

The online coaching and teaching programme supporting you to turn your business ideas into action by building a workable plan and setting achievable goals to get you on the road to success!
Is this you?
  • Feeling stuck in your biz?

  • Frustrated you are not landing consistent clients?

  • Lacking clarity in your business?

  • Overwhelmed by so many ideas but can’t seem to get them off the ground?

  • Wanting to ‘grow’ but not sure exactly what that means?

  • Constantly doubting whether you can make this work?

  • Constantly ‘working’ which was not the plan?!

  • Working super hard all the time but not hitting the goals you set?

  • At the point of hitting your income goals but not sure where to go next?

It's time to build a plan that works for you and set achievable goals so you can grow your business and juggle life!
Is this you?
You have a great idea for your business and there is a gap as otherwise you wouldn't have had the idea but getting off the starting blocks is hard! You have read so much info from social media accounts, googled everything, watched all the YouTube videos, downloaded all the freebies but...
  • You don't know how to actually get started and turn that idea into action

  • You haven't found a plan that works for you to create a reliable income from something you love

  • The balance between work and home is not right

  • You struggle with being consistent 

  • You want to know how to stand out in the noise of social media

  • You haven't found out how to speak to you audience so they connect with you and buy your products

  • You don't know how to set the right pricing for your products

  • You find the whole website world is just so overwhelming

  • Managing your time is still stressing you out

It's time to build a plan that works for you and set achievable goals so you can grow your business and juggle life!
Did you know?

90% of online businesses fail in the first year! How sad is that?! People like you, who have something that could help so many, fail and feel like all that time and money invested has been lost.

Building a business is hard, I know from first hand experience, but you can make it a lot easier with a plan that fits around your life, achievable goals and a community to support you 

What if you could...
Build an engaged audience of fans, you are visible, your posts receive engagement from people who care about what you sell and who shout about you from the roof tops
Create a reliable income from doing something you love whilst balancing life and work in a way that works for you, setting clear boundaries for yourself
Feel fulfilled by a business you have built from scratch that helps so many people
Have a consistent approach to all things business that gets you towards your goals in a more structure way
Have confidence that you can achieve what you want in your business without any limits you have placed on yourself
Understand who you are targeting with your product or service and easily create content you know they need
Hi I'm Hannah

Named as one of Yahoo Finance Top Ten Business Start Up Coaches in 2021, I have built The Female Creative from the ground during the global pandemic of 2020. 

Although a fairly new business I have had over 20 years of experience in teaching and developing others as well as creating, launching, branding and marketing my award winning country music brand Lily Garland and creating and successfully running a 3 day country music festival.

I always wanted to help people and support them in doing something they truly love and TFC enables me to do that! 

After seeing lots of mums turn their hobbies into side hustles during the pandemic to provide some financial assistance to the family but also have something for themselves away from everyone else.  However, many mums just didn't know how to treat it as a business and had a lack of confidence in their abilities.  As mums we are the best project managers so i knew I could share the knowledge and expertise I had gained over the years and combine it with support these women so they could see what I could - they have everything it takes to build a successful business they just needed a helping hand!

Hannah Roper Business Coach
Introducing you too...
121 Coaching Programme
TFC 121 Coaching Programme is all about you!

TFC Coaching Programme is designed to bring out the confidence I know you have, learn from my expertise and experience so you can fast track your business growth.  

Together we will plan activities that will support you in achieving your business goals whether you have a business yet or it's just an idea!

All you need to do is come with a mind full of ideas and be ready to share them with me!

It will take you from feeling like you are winging it, putting in all the hours for little return to having a clear plan that works for you and the knowledge to put that plan into action!
So What is TFC 121 Coaching Programme All About?
TFC 121 Coaching Programme follows three steps to give your business a solid foundation and build your business and your confidence.  It the basis for my success and is based on marketing and business theory that translates into actionable steps.
Build A Strong Business Foundation
Based on what you want to achieve and activities decided to grow your business in the way you want to
Set Achievable Goals
Ensuring your ideal client is clear and your business branding is defined
Increase your brand awareness, grow your visibility and bring in consistent sales
Build An Actionable Plan
What's Included?
  • 12 Weeks of Coaching and Mentoring

  • A discovery call to get to know you

  • 12 x 60 min 121 coaching sessions tailored to you

  • Worksheets, cheatsheets, top tips and up-to-date information at your finger tips

  • 12 weeks WhatsApp Support to ask questions in between sessions

  • Discount on TFC Group Coaching programme and TFC Hub Membership

The Female Creative 121 coaching review
What's Next?

First register your interest HERE
I will then be in touch to book a free discovery call so we can chat, get to know each other better and go through any questions you may have
We get started! An invoice and contract will be sent out to you and once signed we will schedule in the first goal setting session!
You will build a solid foundation for growth with my support so you can take your ideas and turn them into action, building your business, growing your audience and earning and income!